Transportation Assistance


Accesbile Vehicles

At a Gathering Place Senior Activity Center, we understand that reliable transportation can be a challenge for Senior Citizens.  We have several styles of vehicles at our disposal to accommodate a variety of needs.  The bus pictured here comes equipped with a lift that can assist in loading passengers who require a walker or wheelchair, and can carry up to three passengers in wheelchairs along with several others! 


Need a Ride to the Center? We Have You Covered.....

Want to come and enjoy our activities, meals, exercise groups, or join us on a field trip for some fun, but don't have a way to get here?  No problem!  Our friendly staff is happy to come pick you up at home and make sure you make it back safely at the end of the day!  Here is another one of our vans we use in our daily transporation services.


Have a Doctor's Appointment? Need to go to the Grocery?

We also provide Seniors transportation to assist with Activities of Daily Living!  We understand that even though you may not drive anymore, you still have to make it to the doctor, pharmacy, and grocery store.  Call ahead to schedule your trip and we will do our best to make sure you get that to-do list complete!