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Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must be age 60 or older, be unable to cook for yourself, or not have someone who can help you with meal preparation. We will schedule a visit to your home to explain the program before your service begins. 

What kind of meal service is provided and how much does is cost?

Meals are delivered at mid-day Monday through Friday. Meals consist of both hot and cold food, and our menu is reviewed by a nutritionist to provide a balanced diet.

While there is no payment required for services, there is a suggested donation of $3.50 per meal for those who are able to help offset the cost of food and delivery. However, no one is denied service for inability to donate. 

I have a medical condition that requires a special diet. Can you accommodate me?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of meals delivered we are only able to provide one menu item per day.

I have difficulty carrying things. Can the delivery driver bring my meal inside?

Our drivers are ready, willing, and able to bring your meals into the kitchen, leave them on a table, or put them in your refrigerator, whichever is most helpful to you. Alternatively, you can accept them right at your door. 

Can the driver leave the meal if I have to go out? What if I can't be home one day?

You must be home to receive delivery.  Part of our goal is to see each client every day so we can ensure your safety. We also do not want to risk food-borne illnesses by leaving meals outside without knowing when they will be refrigerated or consumed.

Can't be home for a delivery because you have an appointment scheduled?  No worries!  We may be able to leave a meal with a neighbor if you have called ahead to arrange that with us.  Otherwise, just let us know a day or so in advance and we can stop delivery that day without it impacting your eligibility.  

Is there a limited time I can receive service?

You can remain on the program for as long as there are no changes in your eligibility.  Re-evaluations are done every six months.  Some clients need meals for a limited time, while others need meals indefinitely.